Eating Out – Locanda Ottoemezzo Kensington

Locanda Ottoemezzo Kensington

Since we moved to Kensington five years ago, we have regularly been going to the nearby Italian restaurant Locanda Ottoemezzo. It’s a favorite of ours to go for special dinners or to just enjoy a consistently great meal.

Locanda Ottoemezzo

Locanda Ottoemezzo is located on the quiet Thackeray Street, a couple of blocks away from the busy retail hub of High Street Kensington and around the corner from the Whole Foods Market.

Locanda Ottoemezzo

The restaurant is spread across two floors. The more dimly lit downstairs area has some quiet corners to enjoy a romantic meal.

Locanda Ottoemezzo starters

For starters, my husband ordered pan fried scallops on top of a puree of celeriac and vanilla and topped with tomatoes confit and purple potatoes crisps. I had a spinach salad with goat cheese, a cranberry sauce and delicious toasted walnuts. This wasn’t my favorite starter though, to be honest.

Mushroom risotto

For my main, however, I went with my favorite dish which is always a winner – but should probably be shared with at least one other person as it’s a lot to take on alone! I ordered the risotto with porcini mushrooms, butter and thyme, which is served in a Parmesan rind (22/24 months).

Locanda Ottoemezzo risotto

I tend to add a lot of Parmesan in any of my risotto or pasta dishes, so I responded with a “very” when the waiter asked how “cheesy” I would like my risotto to be, so he feverishly scraped Parmesan off the sides as he scooped out my risotto bit by bit.

Mushroom Risotto

Everyone at the other tables, us included, always stops to watch whenever they serve the risotto.

Locanda Ottoemezzo risotto

And there’s the finished plate, with an extra few scrapes on Parmesan on top, a deliciously creamy, very filling plate. I’ve had the asparagus risotto here which they often have during the spring and summer which is equally delicious. I highly recommend the risotto, along with many of the entrees, which are consistently good, especially the beef fillet which I’ve ordered many times. They also often have a delicious specialty pasta dishes which we’ve enjoyed as well. Overall, it’s a place where you can’t go wrong with a lovely atmosphere that’s great for when we’re with friends or would like to enjoy a romantic meal for two.

Locanda Ottoemezzo is located at 2-4 Thackeray Street, W8 5ET. Visit their website to view the latest menu or call 020 7937 2200 to make a reservation.

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