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Restaurant Snapshot Maggie Jones's Kensington

Located off Kensington Church Street near High Street Kensington, Maggie Jones‘s is a restaurant I’ve passed many times and we’ve enjoyed dinner before at its sister restaurant, La Poule au Pot. I had it bookmarked as a restaurant to try for a while now and can’t believe it’s taken us five years to stop by. Our first visit was for a Sunday lunch and we enjoyed our first meal there so much that we were back for another meal there less than a week later!

Maggie Jones's Kensington Restaurant

That Sunday, most of the tables were reserved and we were almost seated in the dimly lit basement area. I can imagine it’s a great space for a cosy, intimate dinner, especially on a chilly winter night, but this was the first sunny, warm Sunday of Spring for us, and we didn’t want to be tucked away in the dark. We hovered over the table, contemplating whether or not we should go to another restaurant, when the hostess brought us back upstairs to squeeze us into an awkwardly placed, yet available table on the ground floor. (They also have more seating upstairs on the first floor.)

Maggie Jones's

Maggie Jones 15

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Maggie Jones's

I ordered a Virgin Mary (non-alcoholic Bloody Mary) which I loved. If like me, you struggle with mocktails when you’re out, the Virgin Mary is a great non-alcoholic drink that’s not laden down with sugar or an overpriced sparkling water with juice mix, and somewhat healthy with a nice peppery kick to it. It’s a mocktail I’ll be ordering and making at home often this summer!

Maggie Jones's Sunday roast

This was our first Sunday roast for ages. The waitress was kind enough to let us order only the main, as we weren’t interested in the appetizers or desserts on the set menu. I don’t think we would have been able to finish off everything as the main dish we ordered, a sumptuous quarter roast chicken with carrots, cabbage, herb stuffing and a delicious gravy sauce that I poured over everything, was more than enough for lunch. And the food is fantastic – we loved it so much that when we got home that evening, we were on the phone booking our dinner there for the following Friday!

Maggie Jones's Kensington

We were back on Friday evening for dinner and this time seated upstairs. The entire restaurant has a cosy, rustic feel to it with large wooden tables, candles in champagne bottles and an array of kitchenware, pots and pans decorating the walls, corners and ceilings. It’s a beautiful place, packed with couples enjoying an intimate dinner, and families and friends having a lively meal.

Maggie Jones's

I really enjoyed the roast chicken we had on Sunday, but also wanted to try another dish. After asking the waiter’s opinion, I went with the roasted lamb – which turned out to be a great choice.

Maggie Jones 7

First, I ordered a Virgin Mary, and my husband ordered wine, and we snacked on little chopped vegetables with ranch dressing while we waited for our appetizers.

Maggie Jones's Kensington

A view of Kensington Church Street – taking a quick snap before this table was taken by a group.

Maggie Jones's rustic Kensington restaurant

More of the decor – you can sort of make out the wooden wheels and wicker baskets hanging from the ceiling in the other area.

Onion Soup

For an appetizer I had the Onion Soup, with gooey cheese and delicious, especially with some brown bread on the side to dip in.

Maggie Jones's roast chicken

My husband ordered the Stuffed Roast Half Chicken, which came with a generous serving of stuffing tucked underneath the chicken, the delicious gravy and bread sauce.

Maggie Jones's Roast Lamb

Meanwhile, I had the Roasted Rump of Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary (medium well), which again was a fantastic suggestion from the waiter. Extremely tender and tasty, with a lovely garlic and rosemary crust.

Maggie Jones's Kensington

On the side, we ordered peas and ham, sauteed spinach and cauliflower with cheese. We were stuffed! Each side was very good, especially the somewhat creamy but not heavy peas and ham and the amazing, full-of-flavor cauliflower with cheese.

Maggies Jones's cauliflower with cheese

The cauliflower with cheese was my personal favorite, I polished off most of that dish.

Overall, two outstanding meals at our new favorite local restaurant that we’ll be coming back to very often! We weren’t disappointed by anything and each time ate so well. It’s a lovely setting with a convenient location and perfect for lunch or dinner with your partner, friends or family.

Maggie Jones’s is located at 6 Old Court Place, Kensington Church Street, London W8 4PL. View the menu at their website and to make a booking, contact Maggie Jones’s on 020 7937 6462.

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