DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow

Five months into my pregnancy, I was having a hard time getting comfortable to go to sleep. We already have extra pillows, which I tried to arrange into somewhat of a nest around me as I got into a position to sleep on either my left or right side, with a pillow or two on one side that I’d place between my knees, with another couple of pillows on the other side to keep me from rolling over onto my back. It would take a few moments to adjust the pillows surrounding me into suitable positions, but it wouldn’t be long until I was uncomfortable again, tossing and turning, waking up several times during the night to pick pillows off the floor so I could stealthily attempt to rebuild my nest without awakening my husband.

It quickly became apparent that my nest wasn’t working out and despite being told that buying a special pregnancy pillow was unnecessary, I just couldn’t see how I’d manage to get through the next four months continuing to try to cobble together my own solution. After searching for options online, I decided on the DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow.

DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow

While most pregnancy pillows look like gigantic doorstops that would take up most of the bed (making it difficult for your partner to sleep), the DreamGenii pillow is a lot more practical, designed to encourage maximum blood-flow between mother and baby, while supporting your back, bump and knees and encouraging you to sleep on your side – preferably the left side, which is the best position for mother and baby, but the pillow can be used just as comfortably on the right side – without taking up space.

DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow

The DreamGenii pillow has a back support, which discourages you from rolling on to your back during the night which can restrict blood-flow to mother and baby, along with a leg support designed to take the pressure off your back and tummy by gently elevating your leg whilst you are asleep. If used from around 20 weeks, the pillow can help to encourage optimal foetal positioning which can lead to a shorter and less painful labour with less chance of intervention. The pillow comes with a removable white cover, and there are a couple of other pillow cover designs available on the DreamGenii website.

DreamGenii Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow

In addition, the DreamGenii pillow can be used a feeding support pillow after your baby is born, as shown above.

I am extremely pleased that I bought the pillow; I have been sleeping so much more comfortably with it ever since. It does help to keep me sleeping on my side, it’s not huge and I can see myself continue to use it after birth, as a nursing pillow or to prop myself up when I’m watching TV or reading a book.

DreamGenii Maternity Nightdress

When I purchased the pillow, I also bought a DreamGenii maternity nightdress, which I absolutely LOVE. It’s lovely, very comfortable and soft and with a cross-over top, it can also be used for breastfeeding. DreamGenii are currently offering this nightdress, worth £26.99, FREE with any pregnancy pillow purchase while stocks last. It’s a great deal for a comfortable night’s sleep, plus the nightdress is a perfect addition to your hospital bag!

Have a look at DreamGenii’s complete pregnancy and nursery collection here.

Website – http://www.dreamgenii.com

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