And… I’m Back!

Over four months later, and I’m back after a much longer hiatus than expected. Those days spent mulling over what to pack in my hospital bag, carefully ironing each item of baby clothing and taking the time to prepare healthy, delicious home-cooked meals are long gone! Nowadays the changing bag is topped up with essentials in record time, the iron rarely makes an appearance and it’s ridiculous how often my husband and I have been ordering from Deliverance. And I’m doing my best to enjoy every moment because it all has just flown right by! This past month especially – it truly feels like I blinked and Baby T turned four months old, growing out of most brands’ 3-6 month clothing, every day more curious about what’s going on around him and revealing more and more of his lively personality and sense of humor.

I’ll be updating the blog soon with more product reviews, recaps on what I thought of my Baby Buys, plus our latest Mommy & Baby faves and some new recipes. It’ll be great to get back into the routine of updating the blog – I’ve missed it and have a lot I’m looking forward to sharing!

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