What We’re Loving Lately

OK… I can’t help but laugh looking at the previous post. Almost four months have past and I’m finally getting around to posting again!

One post that’s been on my mind for months now is sharing my latest finds and what we’ve been enjoying lately! Baby T turned eight months old this week and how things have changed. He has three solid meals a day and has been mobile for a few weeks now. He’s crawling everywhere and starting to pull himself up to cruise along furniture. We moved in Chiswick in April, and since we were away in Italy for the second half of that month, I feel like we’ve only just begun to settle into our new house now. I’m still getting to know the neighborhood – which I love by the way, it’s a wonderful area for families!

More on that on another post… for now, I’d like to share a few things we’re loving lately…

Tyler Florence Start Fresh cookbook

Start Fresh: Your Child’s Jump Start to Lifelong Healthy Eating by Tyler Florence [Amazon UK]

I started weaning Baby T on solids the day he turned six months. His first food was pureed carrots and it was adorable seeing his reaction! He started off excited to be sitting in his brand new high chair with a bowl of orange stuff on his tray, then became somewhat perplexed to see said orange stuff coming at him on a spoon, and then he lit up with interest when he tasted and swallowed this new food. It’s been a fun experience for us both ever since!

Since moving on from his first tastes of single ingredient purees, Start Fresh has become my favorite baby cookbook for delicious, inventive recipes. I feel encouraged to move away from the typical baby food ingredients to incorporate other fruits and vegetables into Baby T’s diet such as kale, plums and summer squash. I also keep sneaking a peek at the next stage: Foods with Textures for 9-12 month olds, and simply can’t wait to try those recipes that I know we’d enjoy alongside him: “Roast Turkey with Sweet Potato, Brown Rice and Cranberries”, “Ginger Chicken with Coconut,” “Chicken and Kale Risotto with Pine Nuts and Bacon”… They look so good!

Roasted Bananas and Blueberries

Going back to the stage we’re currently on, our current favorites are “Roasted Bananas and Blueberries” (pic above) – which I’ve made several times because it’s absolutely delicious and is so easy to make! – and “Spinach and Roasted Pears with Parmesan”. It’s a pleasure trying out these recipes and we haven’t been let down – Baby T has liked each one and I’m thrilled that he’s trying out these unique combinations. Each recipe I’ve tried so far makes enough for three to four meals.

Drift Living Storage Bags

Drift Living Storage Bags

With our shared love for the beach and ocean, there wasn’t any doubt that my husband and I would choose a nautical theme for our baby’s nursery. I love these blue striped storage bags from Drift Living, which are perfect for organising Baby T’s diapers, wet wipes, toiletries and various other items on his changing table. I also bought a large bucket bag, which is a great size for storing away his soft toys! They’re made of a good, thick material and I’m so happy with how they look. Now that Baby T is mobile and rolls around whenever he’s being changed, I use one of the small storage bags to keep the essentials together with the changing mat which I sometimes move from room to room to change him on the floor.

Italian Nursery Books

Building a Bilingual Library

We’ve been visiting Italy every two or three months to visit my in-laws and I’m making a point to pick up books each time to keep a good mix of English and Italian in his growing library as he learns both languages. I also love watching Baby T become more interactive with his books, touching the fuzzy parts or moving the tabs to see what’s hidden underneath. These are some of the books that I’ve brought back – my favorite is the Ninnananna Ninna-O nursery rhyme book which is beautifully illustrated.

Home CrossFit Gym

Back to CrossFit

When I started this blog in late 2012, I was a beginner to CrossFit… and now I’m back to square one! Our new home in Chiswick has a studio in the backyard, which my husband set up as a home CrossFit gym. It’s really impressive how he’s made use of the space! Having the gym in our backyard, and a Samsung baby monitor to keep tabs on the little one, I’ve been able to squeeze in a workout or two while Baby T’s napping. Today I took on 7 minutes AMRAP of burpees… ouch…

White Company White Jeans

Shopping at The White Company

First, hopefully you catch this in time – The White Company is having a 20% off sale that ends tomorrow, Sunday 25th May, at midnight. I started shopping at The Little White Company before Baby T was born and love their cellular blankets (I have four) and baby clothes. Everything I’ve purchased is great quality at a good price and it’s become one of my go to brands for baby clothes. Recently I received their catalogue in the post and went through it, folding down the corner of each page I found something I liked, which turned out to be most of the pages! So I decided to shop around for myself and home, in addition to buying baby clothes and ended up purchasing the 7/8th cropped white jeans pictured above. I normally have a hard time shopping for jeans and hesitate buying them online, but these turned out to be so comfortable and they fit well. I’ve been thinking about getting white jeans for ages, they’re just perfect for summer and I’m glad I got them!

The White Company

I’m also very happy with my other purchases: Amberley hand towels – very soft and look great, baby chambray trousers – easy and comfortable for Baby T to wear with a lovely light fabric, also looks cute rolled up, and baby printed swim shorts – simply adorable, love the design and material. I just placed another order today – yes, I’m obsessed! – so will share those items on another post.

A few more things we’ve loving lately coming soon!

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